About Us

Hi! Thanks for taking your time to read my About Us.

I am a deaf parent with a deaf child and as we all know with the current situation with the Covid-19 Pandemic 

having a face mask can be quite daunting and even more if you rely on lipreading its impossible to communicate.

Then the news that children could go back to school how would a deaf child be able to communicate and even learn if they cannot see the teachers faces, So I did some research and came up with the idea of a mask

with a visual piece to see your lips.

It took a few attempts to get the right shape but in the end we got it right. A quick post on social media to show my mask off.  And that's when it happened media coverage globally, radio interviews and my message box on fire.

People all over the world asking me to make them one. So that's where we are today making masks to help others in the same boat as us. NHS, Care workers, and front line staff are all buying the masks. Not only the Deaf but Autistic and People with dementia even young children are benefiting seeing your smile.

 They are all hand made by myself and my husband.

We need to help others at this time of need.

Take care and stay safe.