100% cotton

Patterns on the masks may vary due to cut.

Yellow Harry Potter Golden Snitch Pattern S/C

  • This is a home-made cloth mask with a clear view panel to allow for lipreading.

    Please wash mask on a delicate machine cycle. please wash before use as this will remove any marks that’s left on while making. 

    As there are no air holes at the front of these masks so some fogging may occur when breathing, Unfortunately this is unavoidable but to help prevent this issue we suggest wiping the clear panel with dry  household hand soap not liquid form  ( the block form ).  Then wiping dry with a dry cloth this will prevent fogging for a certain length of time.  

    Although the fogging does not last that long either way. 

    These masks are not medical grade and do not have a filter. There is no guaranteed protection from the COVID-19 virus. 

    It is to prevent others from droplets when the wearer is speaking. 

    Government advice is for the masks to be worn especially for indoor public places such as shops and went on public transport . 

    Please follow the government guidelines wash your hands and continue to maintain a physical distance of 2 m even while wearing the masks stay safe and protect the NHS.